Plans to fit every life & lifestyle

Our plans go beyond the basics and include many different care options from virtual visits, to alternative care, to providers who already know you – all with a wide range of premiums, coverage, and deductibles. With so much coverage, you are sure to find the right care for you and your family.

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Get access to a variety of Telehealth options to keep you covered as we navigate COVID‑19

ExpressCare Virtual
Meet remotely with a provider using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
ExpressCare Clinics
When you need to see someone today in-person and your regular care provider is not available.
Primary Care
Primary care providers develop a relationship with you and know your health history.
Urgent Care
Urgent care is where you turn when you know you need help and can’t wait for an appointment.
Emergency Care
Call 911 or get a ride to the nearest hospital for emergency care 24/7 when you think you may be in danger.
When you want to know if you need face-to-face care, speak with a registered nurse anytime, any day.

Our plans are designed to support your health and lifestyle

Alternative Care

Keeping you feeling well every day is a priority. Many plans cover alternative care options, like chiropractic and acupuncture, to help you maintain your well-being.

Mental Health

All of our plans offer mental health benefits to help you care for your whole self – mind, body, and spirit.

Extra Perks

Our health plans come with a lot of extras to benefit your well-being, like fitness membership discounts, Health Coaching, ID Protection, and LifeBalance, which offers discounts on entertainment, travel, and other attractions.


True Health today

Thousands of local providers, local customer service, and community-focused care.
We build our plans for you and your family; we act to serve the community because the healthier each of us are, the healthier we all are.